EventGhost Touch

Gesture controller.

Using swipe gestures and taps to navigate the XBMC menus. With the additional control interfaces there is no limit to the complexity you can build in to your Event Ghost scenarios

If you would like additional control panels added to this app please let me know, if there is sufficient desire from users then I will happily add these.

EGT uses the portability and pocketability of your iPhone/iPod Touch as a means of interacting with your Event Ghost installation.

Once you’ve installed the Webserver plugin (part of default installation) you can start to receive the messages from EGT

Configure EGT via the settings panel, with your Event Ghost computers web address and port. Customise the messages with a Prefix if you are using multiple remotes

The gestures panel accepts rotation, swipe, double-tap and pinch gestures. So you can use Event Ghost to allow swipe and double-tap navigation of XBMC or some other media player

If there are specific panels you would like to see in this software please let me know.

Posted on Jan 1
Written by Andrew Ord